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Peat briquettes

Peat briquettes are made of higher decomposition (class H5-H6) milled fuel peat. The main indices of peat quality are moisture, mineral composition (ash content), and calorific value. The following peat quality indices are listed in Standard No. LST 1986:2007 of the Republic of Lithuania:

  • moisture in peat briquettes: no more than 25% (class I), 30% (class II),
  • ash content in peat briquettes: no more than 20% (classes I; II),
  • quantity of fine particles: no more than 15% (class I), 20% (class II).

The range for using peat briquettes is very wide: for different types combustion boilers for heating houses, industrial – storage premises, greenhouses.

  • Peat briquettes are easy to transport and store.
  • Peat briquette ash can be used as a natural fertilizer, the ash contains.
  • Peat briquettes can be used in combination with fire wood, coal, straw or wood briquettes.
  • If high quality storage conditions are provided for the briquettes (if they are stored in dry premises, not damp), they can be ignited easily in the fire place (quicker in comparison to hard coal) and they are characteristic of steady burning.
  • Burning time of peat briquettes (depending on the type of combustion boiler) exceeds the burning time of firewood up to 5 times.

Quality indices of the peat briquettes manufactured by us:

  • Ash content >6
  • Moisture >18
  • Calorific value 3800–4200 kcal/kg
  • Mechanical resistance

Short summary: 

  • Storage: in dry, ventilated premises
  • Hazardous factors: open fire, hot objects.
  • Shelf life: unlimited

So peat briquettes can be referred to as Lithuanian coal. The briquettes manufactured by us are characteristic of low ash content, unlike peat briquettes manufactured in other counties and imported to Lithuania. We declare the correct weight of the products being sold so that our clients would actually get the weight specified on the package.


made from the highest quality peat