Fertilizer HUMAFOL

Humafol fertilizers are made of humic and fulvic acids basis. Using Humafol fertilizers can achieve up to 30% higher yields, increased uptake of fertilizer plants, fruits accumulate larger amount of sugar.

Saprohumus Organic Mix

Higher decomposition (H4-H5) upland peat with low ash content is used for preparation of this product. A special technology is applied to activate peat over a long period of time. Saprohumus is very suitable for growing plants, preparation of soil in dry and low humidity climate zones.


We use slightly decomposed, upland mine type peat. It is a perfect medium for growing plants. Qualitatively prepared peat, which is collected on peat fields containing 45-50% of moisture, absorbs water very well and it is characteristic of well enough air permeability due to porous structure.

Peat substrate

Class H2-H4 upland peat is used for peat substrates manufactured by us. This type of peat is capable of absorbing a large amount of water as a result of formation conditions. 

Organic peat substrate

It is a versatile peat substrate containing only substances of an organic origin intended for horticulturists and gardeners.


Sapropel is slimy sediment formed on the bottom of fresh water standing water bodies (lakes). Sapropel can be used for production of fertilizers, conditioning of the soil, binding temporary sand and turning it into fertile soil.