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The team of specialists highly experienced in peat extraction and peat processing recruited by UAB “Antavita” allows taking a professional look at the process of peat product development and manufacture. The main objectives of the Company include as efficient use of peat as possible preserving the most useful characteristics of peat by manufacturing well known products, such as peat substrates, peat briquettes, and developing new products. We can already introduce our new product: ACTIVEpeat. The new product intended for planting and improvement of poor soil, it is able to replace mould, and it has been manufactured by using a special technology and organic additives with high concentrations of active ingredients.
We also manufacture organic substrates containing only natural ingredients without any mineral fertilizers. This product has been developed for everyone who wants to grow fruit, vegetables, and other plants as naturally as possible.

Our Company manufactures peat pellets and peat briquettes. The main goals include manufacture of high quality peat pellets and peat briquettes characteristic of high energy value and a very low ash content.
We use carefully selected peat in order to implement these goals and produce highly efficient products.